Prolonging the Magic

The team is off on a well-earned mid-tour break until they kick off their Euro leg in Germany on the 30th! Let’s give the guys a rest-and in the meantime recap some North American tour goodies as well as some timeless classics from the Gotye past!

Thanks to Nut Lisa for this montage clip from the New Orleans set last week! Check it out here! She also did some expert digging and helped find some of these vintage images (below.)

Wally patiently & resiliently did the interview rounds before the Austin City Limits show on Saturday. Check out this fun (and slightly sarcastic) interview with KUT Radio Austin and some lovely and whimsical images from the show on Flickr right here!

Let’s face it…we’re a gaggle of tired nuts-we’ve been at this for quite some time; following along and supporting at shows.

While we also catch our breath and prep for the second half of the Gotye 2012 world tour, let’s take a walk down ol’ memory lane and recall the days of indie-dom for Wally and his Gotye project. These were the times of super-small club shows, the famed “gotye mini orchestra” (sometimes including the Basics boys) and hats…lots of hats. Before smash-singles and pop stardom, there was just the music, the maker and a stack of mattresses heaped against the wall on balmy summer afternoons. Let’s all return to some slightly retro meanderings in the Wally-verse, because as we all know, he is the Wall-Rus after all!

Koo-koo ka choo!

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