Gotye Connects with Musical History

Wally’s been a busy guy! Here’s a glimpse at his involvement with the Baywara film, a story of five years with one of Australia’s (and the world’s) musical innovators, and a model of indigenous craftsmanship and creativity! 

Thanks to Paul Daley for these amazing images of Gotye connecting with the energy!

Aaaaannnd have you heard the rumblings of a new album in early 2015?! Catch updates on that & more on Twitter!  

Until next time……Let’s check back-in on those pesky Basics boys mixing that much-awaited upcoming album…..

C. @the3basics

C. @the3basics

uh…….right then…until next time nuts!

Gotye Groovin’ for the Greater Good

So many things to be excited for, Gotye and Basics fans! Here’s just a sampling of the last 24 hours!

Wally talks returning to the stage and hints at the much anticipated NEXT ALBUM in early 2015-Triple J w/The Doctor (podcast)

Thanks Instagram user aglia!

Thanks Instagram user aglia!

Wally and Greenline Grooves mate Nicky Bomba chat about collabing for social and environmental justice with The Age (vid)

The guys get silly onstage at the show (short vids c/o Instagram user jmcguffie)

Thanks to all the awesome folks at the show who shared their Gotye-love!

Thanks Nicole (@softbomb) on Twitter

Thanks Nicole (@softbomb) on Twitter


Basics & Gotye Back Onstage!

The Basics boys headline the Into the Wild Festival this week! Lucky you, London!

Next Monday on ABC1 Australian Story will highlight The Thin Green Line and feature Wally, one of their biggest champs! Wally comes back onstage as Gotye on 1 August for the charity!

Wally is also back at it with pal, nut collaborator and fellow talent Mike Dawes, here’s a wee sneak peek:

posing madly with one of the few instruments he's not a pro at playing. C. Mike Dawes

posing madly with one of the few instruments he’s not a pro at playing. C. Mike Dawes



You know we’ll be back soon! We’re always about the Gotye biz on Twitter!

-The Nuts

Basics and Gotye Back in the News

A little glimpse into the return of Gotye onstage will drop on 1 August alongside Nicky Boomba & Tex Perkins to once again support The Thin Green Line Foundation! Good on ya, Wally!

Have you heard the little ear-treats The Basics have dropped to lure us even further towards their forthcoming album? Grab your headphones, find a corner and groove to the boys’ latest sounds!

Shine on nuts! back again soon!

Via twitter/Bianca Bosso (@bianca_interns)

Via twitter/Bianca Bosso (@bianca_interns)


Happy Birthday Gotye

We may have had a little spesh b-day pressie for Wally this year. In conjunction with the amazing ASRC Food Justice Truck project, the nuts raised nearly $1k to donate in honor of the gracious Mr. Gotye! Special thanks to ASRC communications Director Patrick Lawrence for this amazing thank you video he sent to us and Wally!

<p><a href=”″>Thank you video from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to the Wallnuts</a> from <a href=”″>Patrick Lawrence</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A special thanks has gone out from Wally to the nuts and can be viewed by FB group members on the page! Enjoy!

For now…how about Kris Basic’s lil’ teaser of what’s to come for The Basics’ triumphant album return!


Back again soon nuts & friends!

Recording in the historic walls of Abbey Road. C. Mortlock Photography

Recording in the historic walls of Abbey Road. C. Mortlock Photography